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A tastey Hot Chilli pickle.


Hopefully this should be good!

I found a recipe online for a nice green chilli pickle, all our chillis are red! So this will be loosely based on the recipe I found and it will take a few days to knock up. 

For this you will need:

1.5 - 2 cups of chopped green chillis
6 tablespoons of Mustard seeds 
3 tablespoons of Rock salt
2 teaspoons of Turmeric powder
1 cup Mustard oil
5 -6 Lemons (1/2 cup of lemon juice)

1 cup = 250ml

This should be enough to fill a medium sized jar
So as I mentioned before there will be some tweaks. First being with the green chillis. All ours at the moment are red but I don't suppose that matters too much so I added.......

Two Numex Big Jims
Two Maule Hot
Two Satans Kiss
One Thai Dragon

Also I changed the Rock salt for chunky table salt and when it came to the Mustard seeds I ground Two Tablespoons of seeds and used two Tablespoons of Mustard powder, we shall see how it turns out.

So first off cut the chillis into chunks, I left the seeds in as we like the heat!
Pop the chillis into a clean medium sized jar.
 The next step asks for you to grind the Mustard seeds in a spice grinder, if you have one that's great.
We don't have one yet so I ground them up the old fashioned way.
Once that job is done add the ground Mustard seeds, Mustard powder and salt to the jar.
Now you need to either stir it all in or pop the lid on and give it a good shake to mix up the contents.

Then you will be left with a jar that should look something like this........

The next step is a bit of a unusual one! Stand the jar outside during the day in the sunlight. It needs to be in good sunlight for this to work. Ideally you need to do this for 2 - 3 Days, if you have really hot sun (depending where in the world you are) you can alter the times to maybe 1 - 2 Days. Each evening bring it in and give the jar a good shake.

So it's been outside in the sun for two days and you can tell when you take the lid off that it's all fermenting nicely in the jar.
Now onto the next step! You will need the lemon juice and Turmeric.
You will need to add two teaspoons of Turmeric powder.
Then add 1/2 cup of lemon juice.
At this point it seemed very wet and sloppy so I decided to add another two Big Jim chillis, I did say that this will be loosely based on the recipe!
 Once all that is in there give it a real good stir with a non reactive spoon, then its back out in the sun during the day for two to three days.

Now that has been done you need to heat up one cup of oil.
 Add it to the jar, give it a good stir and let it sit at room temp for about four to five days. This is when the pickling process happens.
It looks very yellow! Possibly due to the mustard powder, but once the five days is up and you start using it then keep it in the fridge.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, subscribe to keep up to date as there will be plenty more recipes in the future.


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