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We've had a good harvest so far.

The nights are drawing in bit by bit and the evenings are feeling slightly cooler too. But we mustn't complain, because so far in our first year of growing we have had quite a good harvest.
Just now Tina has picked about four bowls of Tomatoes, earlier I picked a bowl of Peppers and half a bowl of Chillis.

So now what do we do with them? I can only eat so many cheese and tomato sandwiches.
A couple of years back I bought Tina a dehydrator and it has been used for quite a few things, but now its earning its keep drying out some of the Tomatoes.

Some have been made into sun-dried tomatoes while others have been dried, vacuum sealed and put in the freezer for later use. Tina has also turned some into a base for sauces which we have been trying out recently.  Check out my Youtube channel for videos on that.

And there shows no sign of the tomato harvest letting up, there seem to be hundreds on the plants and new flowers have recently been spot…