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The Perfect Burger

I've always liked a good burger. McDonalds was ok but I did prefer Burger King, think maybe it was because they were bigger and the salad seemed fresh and crunchy. But since Tina has been making these burgers from scratch at home I haven't had one out since. 
I don't know what she does but they taste amazing every time.

This recipe makes two large burgers, if you need more adjust the ingredients to suit.

500g minced/ground beef
1 large onion
salt & pepper to taste
cream cheese or raclette
1 chilli

 Tina grinds her own beef, you can also use shop bought ready minced beef. Cut up the onion and mix with the beef.
Separate the beef/onion mix into four balls. Next you will need to use the burger press 
Press each ball into a flat burger. 
Take one burger and put some of the cheese onto the middle then add the chillis (optional). Put another burger on top and then press the edges together making it one big burger. You will have to mould it a bit in your hands bu…

Stuffed Chicken, wrapped in Bacon.

Here's a different take on the good old chicken breast. Why not open it up, stuff it and then wrap it in Bacon.
Sound like a good idea? Trust me, they are lovely. 

As with any of these recipes that calls for you to stuff something. The world is your Oyster! Only your imagination limits what you can put in there. 
Tina is a dab hand at making these and this last time she made them I asked her to put a Scotch Bonnet chilli in mine, that gave it some serious heat! 

This recipe will feed two, if you need more you can just adjust the ingredients to suit.

You will need:
2 Chicken breasts
6 Rashers of bacon/jambon sec
Raclette cheese, you can use cream cheese or any other cheese.
1 Scotch Bonnet chilli (optional)

Method/ How Tina does it.

Open up the chicken breast, scoring the side of it with a knife to flatten it out.
Put the cheese and optional chilli on top of the chicken breast. Then roll it so the filling is inside.
Lay out two rashers of Bacon and place the chicken breast on them, wrap the bre…

Bacon wrapped Jalapeno poppers.

Until recently I hadn't even heard of Jalapeno Poppers. But when we had a glut of peppers from the plants we had growing I did a quick search online to find something to do with them. That's when I came across 'Poppers'. It seems they are quite popular in the USA and this is my own take on them.

For this you will need: Jalapeno Peppers, Thin bacon or Jambon cru, Cream cheese and then what ever filling you want to put with the cheese.

First you will need to take your Jalapenos and cut them along the length, some people leave the stalks on to prevent the pepper from folding outwards. I take the stalks off as I have never had that problem. What you do is up to you! 
Now you will need to remove the seeds and the membranes.

Next step is the Cream Cheese! Here you can try anything, it's just down to your own imagination. I have tried mixing the cheese with Sweet chilli sauce, dried chilli flakes and I have even cut up some hotter chillis and mixed those in with the cream che…