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Living with a wheelchair.


I've come a long way since April 2016, not wanting to blow my own trumpet but I think I have achieved quite a bit considering.

The latest in my long list of things I must try happened just this afternoon. We have had my sister staying with her kids and whilst here said made use of our bath. Now I've not used it since before April 2016 but it got me thinking about trying to get in. And then of course trying to get out. 

First hurdle was getting in the bathroom, there is a huge step up into it. It was quite easy really, put the wheelchair up to the step and then went off the front of the chair and onto my knees and then across the bathroom floor. Then it was a case of pushing up onto a stool getting undressed and then into the water, easy when you say it quickly. Getting out was just as straight forward.

A trick I have learnt is to not over think how you are going to do something and just crack on. That's how I get my best results!

 The gardening season has come to a bit of a close, there are still jobs to be done outside but the weather is not as favorable, so already we are looking forward to next spring when we can get planting again.

With winter approaching I have to find other things to keep me occupied, keeping fit is one of them. And this was another milestone! I had been thinking about getting on the exercise bike for a while but wasn't sure how to do it. Then one day I thought I could get onto my office swivel chair which goes quite high on the hydraulics and then slide over onto the bike. Tried it and it worked.
 Managed ten minutes first try, it was pretty hard work but the more I got on it the easier it became. I've built up to twelve minutes pushing through 4km. The aim is to get my legs strong enough to be able to walk ultimately but if that doesn't happen then at least they will be strong enough to power a recumbent trike and I can follow Tina up the road when she walks the dogs, a bit more freedom and independence.

 Another milestone was getting into the car and being able to drive, I have enough movement and strength in my legs to be able to operate an automatic. It may seem fairly normal to most people but when you can't do something that before you took for granted it can get a bit frustrating.

I'm not sure whats in store next for me, but I seem to be progressing all the time. I can now get on all fours and crawl across the floor like a baby, before I couldn't balance enough to be able to move. Now it seems fairly easy.

Next month I have some appointments at the hospital, one is for a scan on my heart. I guess that's to check if the new plumbing is still working and attached as it should be. Then I have an appointment with a Dr that specialises in rehabilitation and then I'm going back to see my Dr in the rehab centre to see what he says, the last visit didn't go well as he was nearly two hours late and when he finally did see me just said "no I don't think you will walk again" hence the reason we are trying to do as much as we can at home to prove them wrong.

At the end of the day, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Don't give up! Its easy to say and not so easy to do but keep pushing what you think you can do and what you can't and you might be surprised.

Keep up to date with progress and anything else we do on the urban farm here  where you will find our blogs and YouTube channel .


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